Structural Soil

Structural Soil

We are a licensed supplier of CU-Structural Soil® in Alberta (also known as CU-Soil®) (U.S. Patent #5,849,069), a soil designed by Cornell University to improve the growth and development of urban trees.

Developed as a way to safely bear pavement loads after compaction and yet still allow root penetration and vigorous tree growth, CU-Structural Soil® is intended for paved sites to provide adequate soil volumes for tree roots under pavements. It may be used under pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, and parking lots.

CU-Structural Soil® is an innovative medium installed under pavement that improves street tree vigor and prevents sidewalk failure, frequent pavement repair, virtually eliminates tripping lawsuits, and greatly reduces the replacement of dead trees every 7–10 years.



‍Commercial planting


Tree plantings

‍CU-STRUCTURAL SOIL RESOURCE For further technical information please visit Cornell University’s comprehensive website. Alternatively, download the guide at CU-Structural Soil – A Comprehensive Guide


Cu-Structural soil is blended to order and must be placed shortly after blending to maintain mix moisture. CONTACT US today to learn more or get a quote for your project.




Structural Soil
Structural Soil
Structural Soil
Structural Soil

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