Desert Planters


Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply is Calgary’s sole distributor of the popular Equinox Environmental Desert Planters. Equinox Environmental Desert Planters is the leading Canadian manufacturer of self-watering planters and in-ground waste systems.

The Desert Planter series turn daily watering into a weekly or monthly concern, and come in a number of different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes to suit most applications. Made from 40-60% recycled material, the planters can work for both residential and commercial purposes and is Canadian made.

How the Planters Work

The self-watering planters are based on a carefully engineered design that lets plants soak up what they need while still conserving water and other resources.
Planters feature an innovative double hull that creates a reservoir at the bottom of each container. A tube protrudes above the soil allows the reservoir to be filled, while filter columns that extend into the reservoir allow the soil to absorb the water as needed.


Self-watering planters are a great boon for professional landscapers, governments, park systems, and any property owner looking to beautify outdoor spaces in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious fashion.