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Landscaping Supplies Calgary

At Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply, our commitment to providing excellent products and services shines through in everything we do. For over 20 years we have been Calgary and Southern Alberta’s top pick for professional landscaping supplies thanks to our persistent focus on the customer’s needs. We have a large selection of the industry’s most innovative products from sod, soil, and stone, even green roof systems. The premium products we provide always go hand-in-hand with the full support of our landscaping team. Our expert team provides support every step of the way to ensure every customer has a great experience with us.

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Our Values


We put our clients first. This means we get to know to know you and your landscaping goals so we can provide the best advice to help you get the job done.


You take pride in your landscaping, so do we. That’s why we offer a wide range of premium products for our customers so they get the best results.


We align ourselves with brands that push the boundaries of innovation within the scope of landscaping, allowing us to deliver new cutting edge products to our customers.

Our Products


Calgary’s number one source for the perfect lawn grass


We carry a huge selection of Wood Mulch, Sand, Soils and More


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Our Partners

Our partnerships are carefully chosen based on reputation, product quality, and business values. We believe that our partners mirror our standard of excellence, which is why we are proud to showcase these businesses as our allies.

Our Services


At Eagle Lake, we provide full service landscaping supplies in Calgary. This means that our customers are supported every step of the way whether you’re trying a new DIY project, or you’re developing a large commercial area. Our expert landscaping team is just one call away from getting the advice you need from the most basic questions to complex concerns. Need a hand with your calculations? Use our handy calculator and customer tools to do the math for you.

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