Moonbay Pedestals


How to Order Moonbay Pedestals

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Moonbay Pedestal Data Sheet

Moonbay Adjustable Paver Pedestal System

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply has secured exclusive distribution of the Moonbay Adjustable Plastic Pedestal system.

The Polypropylene, anti-UV pedestals can be used for outdoor terrace with any kind of material: timber decking, composite decking, stone, ceramics and metal. The pedestal can be placed on any stable substrate, also over insulation panels.


The MB-T type adjustable paver tile pedestals can be used for all kinds of tiles, such as ceramic tile, stone tile, grating panels and roof tiles.

The MB-DPT type adjustable paver is used for decking boards and joists, as this works on any joist width between 20mm-80mm, such as composite decking, solid wood decking and timber decking.

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