Compostable Waste Drop Off



We accept compostable waste and clean fill dumping in one convenient location.

We accept compostable waste & clean fill and put it to good use, while saving you time, space and money.

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply provides a convenient and cost effective way to dispose of your compostable waste at our store at 285177 Frontier Rd. SE. Instead of lining up at the nearby Calgary City Dump, you can “drop and shop” at our convenient southeast Calgary yard.


Why dispose of your Landscaping waste with Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply?

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply saves you time and money in composting. Here’s why you should bring your yard waste to Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply:

·         Lower Prices: Our drop prices are lower than the City of Calgary’s drop prices.

·         Safe, Easy Access: Our Frontier Rd. facility is an easy drive, for your safety and the safety of your truck or trailer.

·         Convenient Hours: We offer longer hours and shorter lines and wait times.

Compostable waste dumping

  • We accept Yard Waste. - including grass clippings, leaves, roots and branches which we’ll compost and use in our own soil blends

Flat Fee dumping only - $20 for any truck or trailer size (up to standard Tandem truck size of approx. 12 cubic yards

Clean fill dumping

  • We accept Clean Fill including soil, clay and sod. A moderate amount of rock is also accepted, making us more convenient than other alternatives. Pricing is based on volume, the more you dump in one trip, the more you save:
  • $32 per cubic yard for 1-3 yards
  • $24 per cubic yard for 4-8 yards
  • $22 per cubic yard for 8 or more yards

We do not accept concrete or garbage in clean fill or compostable waste disposal bins.


Haul Outs
We can now offer a haul-out service to our wholesale customers. The price is $360 per haul out for up to 12 yards of material, and we can only haul our clean fill, i.e. no rocks, branches, trees, plastics or concrete. Loading is not included and pricing allocates 30 minutes for loading time with your own machine on site.

For more information, please call the store on 403-262-5600 or email