Contractor Referral Program


We often get asked if we install, and the answer is always no. While we have a lot of experienced staff and onsite landscape knowhow, most of our business comes from Landscape Contractors, and we don’t want to be in competition with our customers.

However, we are happy to offer solutions and tips to those planning on doing their own landscaping, and are equally happy to recommend a Landscape Contractor to those that need the services of a professional.

 To make the process easier, we ask you to email us with your name, address, contact details, budget range and project description to


Landscape Professional 


If you are a contractor and would like more information on the products and services we offer, and to be made aware of our events and sales, please contact us at


 *Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply has no direct affiliation with any of the contractors referred or listed on our website or social media and does not provide any representation, warranty or guarantee in relation to the goods and services provided by such contractor.