We are proud to support the POWER (Power (Projects Organized with Energetic Retirees) Gardening group. This group of community gardeners have been growing vegetables for the Calgary Food Bank since 1999, and in 2020 harvested 23,000lbs of potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini and squash from the Get Growing Garden at our production Farm east of Strathmore into BigYellowBags for delivery to the Calgary foodbank.




The POWER Gardeners are 2021 recipients of the Generosity of Spirit™ and Professional Award

This award recognizes the many individuals, families, groups and businesses who demonstrate the spirit of philanthropy through outstanding contributions of time, talent, leadership and financial support. The Generosity of Spirit™ Awards provides the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate these philanthropic leaders that make a difference in our community – whether the community is local, regional, national or international.


“The TransAlta Retirees have been active in the Calgary community for well over 20 years and made significant contributions toward enhancing the well-being of people in-need through over ten community service projects. The Retirees established an organization referred to as “POWER” (Projects Organized with Energetic Retirees) to help with the organization and funding of various community service projects. As a member of this group, I take satisfaction and pride to work alongside with retirees that care so much about their community and through this participation one becomes energized to do even more for our community groups in need. Volunteerism is critical in serving people and groups in need in our Calgary community; this makes for a better community.”

Fred Ritter, TransAlta Retirees (POWER)


To get involved with this initiative, see the website at or contact us for more information –

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Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply donates a portion of all bag sales from its Big Yellow Bag program each year to The Calgary Children’s Foundation each year.


As Big Yellow Bag customers, you too are making a contribution to the Calgary Children’s Foundation, with over $100,000 donate to date. Since 1992, The Calgary Children’s Foundation has raised money for small but critically important charities that help physically, mentally, financially and socially challenged children reach their full potential. Many of these charities do not have the means to fundraise for themselves or only need a small amount of money to make a big difference in a child’s life. From a pre-school that prepares neglected and abused kids for grade one to a summer camp for special needs children.