Hahn Plastics


How to Order Hahn Plastics

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Hahn Plastics

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply is pleased to be a Hahn Plastics distributor in Alberta. Hahn Plastics is a leading producer of 100% recycled plastic products, and produces and extensive line which includes;

  • Dimensional & structural lumber
  • Boardwalks & decking
  • Fencing & barriers
  • Ground reinforcement & surface products
  • Site furnishings & planters
  • Playground products & kids furniture

100% Recycled Plastic

Founded in 1993, The HAHN group now processes more than 60,000 metric tons of waste plastic annually to produce an exclusive blend of material called hanit® . Used to make over 2,000 products, the material supports everything from garden and park design, to complex industrial projects. Highly durable, rot and weather-resistant with long service life, eco-friendly HAHN products have been used globally as the replacement for traditional materials such as wood, concrete and even steel.

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Heavy duty ground grid

Heavy duty ground grid
Heavy-duty ground grids are considerably lighter than concrete equivalents, making transport and installation much easier. And with a stabilising interlocking system, the grids are perfect for commercial and residential parking projects, laneways, boat launches and much more.

Heavy Duty Ground Grid Data Sheet