Custom Soil Blending

One of our specialties is blending soils to meet project specifications, or providing required amendments for existing topsoil piles on sites. Everything we do is based on our years of experience and knowledge relating to bulk soil components and blending in our region and then we verify everything using the best third-party laboratories.

Over the years we have had the pleasure to supply soil mixes for a wide range of projects, from soil-less planting media for interior atriums to manmade "wetland sludge"


We have a lot of blend recipes already developed and can provide soil blends for:

Nursery media for shrubs, perennials and potting mixes

Commercial landscape planting blends (CNLA Soil Standards)

Topsoil approved for use in National Parks


We currently have the below ingredients available for use in our custom soil blends:

Various textures of Loam (Topsoil)

CGSA Sand 3mm

5mm sand

Crushed Brick

Pumice ½” and 1/4"




Fir Fines

Peat Moss

Class ‘A’  Compost

Composted Manure

½” Coco Coir

CocoCoir Fiber


Bone Meal

Worm Castings

Soil Activator

Mycorrhizae Fungi

Diatomaceous Earth



We offer the following products and services:


Developing custom soil blends to meet project specifications

Soil analysis through third party laboratories


We can test your soil for physical characteristics:

Fertility and nutrients


Toxins and pollutants

Weed seed analysis


Custom Soil Blending
Custom Soil Blending
Custom Soil Blending
Custom Soil Blending
Custom Soil Blending

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