Since 1998 Eagle Lake Turf Farm has been the premium sod choice for golf courses, homeowners and landscape professionals. Our 1,400 acre farm is located ten minutes east of Strathmore. Growing the top performing turf grass cultivars on the market, with drought, salt and wear tolerance a primary focus.




The sod we grow is a Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) product. The TWCA prides itself on using peer-reviewed, objective data to produce the most drought-tolerant turfgrass possible. For more information on TWCA, please visit the website at

Our products

premium dream sod

100% Kentucky Bluegrass  - Product Data Sheet

Carefully selected blend of four top performing Kentucky bluegrass cultivars.

ideal applications:

Residential yards, golf courses, sports fields, irrigated commercial sites, school fields & parks. Also available in fairway cut which is trained & maintained at 3/4" height of cut.

freedom fescue sod

100% Fine Fescue. - Product Data Sheet

A blend of fine fescue including creeping red, hard, chewings & sheep fescue.

ideal applications:

Boulevards, non irrigated sites, commercial sites, residential low traffic areas, shaded sites, Golf course bunker faces & roughs

Freedom fescue offers higher drought tolerance and less input requirements.

site select sod 

60% fine fescues / 40% Kentucky bluegrass  - Product Data Sheet

Carefully selected blend composed of cultivars from our premium dream & freedom fescue blends.

ideal applications:

Boulevards, commercial sites, schools, non-irrigated sports fields roadsides & municipal sites. 

A broad mix of fine fescues & Kentucky bluegrasses aimed to allow the site to select long term dominate grasses.

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