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Getting quality black garden soil, mulch and other bagged landscaping products delivered to your home has never been easier than with BigYellowBag®. All you have to do is call or order online and we deliver. That’s it! No lugging, no mess and you don’t have to be home to take delivery.

Flex MSE


How to Order Flex MSE

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Flex MSE is a cost effective, sustainable and permanent engineered solution. Flex MSE is used landscaping, erosion control, walls and slopes, green construction and sediment and stabilization.

The Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System uses the same globally accepted principles of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) that builders rely on for making massive retaining walls.

Geobag walls have been built as high as 75ft, with great success. The Second Generation interlocking Plate is a 100% recycled, recyclable component which adds increased geogrid compatibility and friction strength over its precursors.

Flex MSE is a unique soft building material that exhibits hard material qualities. It weathers events that would ruin other systems, and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on.

Cost Effective:

  • Flex MSE is 60% of concrete’s cost installed.
  • Flex MSE is a simple two component system that often installs in half the time of concrete block walls.
  • No specialized equipment, labour, cranes, forms, footings, or rebar.


  • Flex MSE lasts almost twice as long as concrete (120 year ASTM System Life rating).
  • A light weight soft armour product that integrates easily with other proprietary systems and has great performance in limited access, tough or unstable terrain.
  • Settlement and water ruin concrete walls. Flex MSE has a very high settlement tolerance and excess water drains through the system. The drainage aspect eliminates the need for chimney drains and pipe behind the wall, while feeding the vegetation.
  • Bottom line? Flex MSE is a Green solution that installs faster, lasts longer, looks completely natural, and costs less. For a truly Green solution without the Green ‘premium’, choose Flex MSE for retaining walls, slope stabilization, erosion control, site reclamation, and ‘Anywhere Land Meets Water.’

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  • Flex MSE walls require minimal initial leveling or subgrade embedment.
  • The flexible, easily adjusted units conform perfectly to trees and unexpected bedrock
  • Flex MSE is a recycled, non-toxic product that conforms to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) qualifications. For applicable LEED credits, click here Flex MSE LEED credits.
  • Flex MSE vegetated walls are graffiti proof.
  • Flex MSE installations use 97% less Green House Gases (GHGs) over comparably sized concrete blocks.

Big Yellow Bag returns

Those dropping empty bags back to Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply’s store location are eligible for a 20% discount on anything purchased within the store, including tools, sod, stone, fertilizer, seed or any bulk products but excluding Big Yellow Bags.

There is no deposit on the bag so therefore no refund for empty bags. We do not pick-up empty bags, but if you would like to recycle the bag, either drop it off at our store location in SE Calgary at 285177 Frontier Road SE or leave the bag out to be picked up the next time we deliver a bag to you.

It starts with the soil

Home Gardening has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in recent years as we have all rediscovered the joys of growing our own food and the mindful benefits of getting away from screens and getting our hands dirty.

We’ve stockpiled our soils and mulches for the season ahead at our sod farm east of Strathmore. Our well-aged compost is now double screened and used in all our blends. This is classified as the highest quality compost by the compost council of Canada so you will get the best product available. We are 100% locally owned and operated, so by shopping here you are supporting local.

If you have any questions, give us a call. We are gardeners too and are happy to offer advice and learn more.

Big Yellow Bag gives back

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply donates a portion of all bag sales from its Big Yellow Bag program each year to The Calgary Children’s Foundation each year.

As Big Yellow Bag customers, you too are making a contribution to the Calgary Children’s Foundation, with over $100,000 donate to date. Since 1992, The Calgary Children’s Foundation has raised money for small but critically important charities that help physically, mentally, financially and socially challenged children reach their full potential. Many of these charities do not have the means to fundraise for themselves or only need a small amount of money to make a big difference in a child’s life. From a pre-school that prepares neglected and abused kids for grade one to a summer camp for special needs children.

2019 Calgary Children’s Foundation Cheque Presentation

We are also proud to support the POWER (Power (Projects Organized with Energetic Retirees) Gardening group. This group of community gardeners have been growing vegetables for the Calgary Food Bank since 1999, and in 2020 harvested 23,000lbs of potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini and squash from the Get Growing Garden at our production Farm east of Strathmore into BigYellowBags for delivery to the Calgary foodbank.

Additionally, we contribute soil and materials to community gardens, school projects and growing charities each year and will continue to do so. For further info, please contact