Soil, Sand, Mulch & Rock

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dimensions & weight Small roll - 2ft x 5ft = 10 sq.ft. each 700 sq.ft. per pallet (70 rolls) 26 pallets per load

commercial sites (18,200 sq.ft. Big roll - 4ft x 90ft = 360 sq.ft. each 50 rolls per load (18,000 sq.ft.) Sod weight approx. 4lbs per sq.ft. ~2,800 lbs per pallet ~1,440 lbs per big roll 

premium dream sod

100% Kentucky Bluegrass

Carefully selected blend of four top performing Kentucky bluegrass cultivars.

ideal applications:

Residential yards, golf courses, sports fields, irrigated  commercial sites, school fields & parks.

Also available in fairway cut which is trained & maintained at 3/4" height of cut.

freedom fescue sod

100% Fine Fescue

A blend of fine fescue including creeping red, hard, chewings & sheep fescue.

ideal applications:

Boulevards, non irrigated sites, commercial sites, residential  low traffic areas, shaded sites, Golf course bunker faces & roughs

 Freedom fescue offers higher drought tolerance and less input requirements.

site select sod

60% fine fescues / 40% Kentucky bluegrass

Carefully selected blend composed of cultivars from our  premium dream & freedom fescue blends.

ideal applications:

Boulevards, commercial sites, schools, non-irrigated sports feilds roadsides & municipal sites.

A broad mix of fescues & Kentucky bluegrasses aimed to allow the site to select long term dominate grasses.