Sedum Turf is grown outdoors at Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply’s farm east of Strathmore, Alberta. Sedum Turf is composed of a broad selection of Sedums grown on a biodegradable coconut fibre and soil base. Sedum species are selected to create a diverse, vibrant and locally hardy palette.
*Sedum blends contain a minimum of 10 Sedum species. Sedum varieties will vary based on seasonal availability.


Pre-grown and as easy to install as landscape turf, this product can also be cut into pieces for in-between rocks and other garden applications. Urban Sedum Turf is grown with soil on a coconut fibre mat for ease of handling and installation.

Many Sedums will flower from late spring through fall in a succession of different colours. Sedum flowers attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. The dried stems are often used by birds for nest building material.

Turf Sedums Spec Sheet


  • Similar Installation process to conventional sod
  • Prepare a base of top soil. Wet soil before installation and apply a starter fertilizer
  • Weed top soil thoroughly prior to installation
  • Simply lay pieces on ground, lay pieces tight together and stagger joints where possible
  • Water heavily to the point of run off every couple of days for 2-3 weeks after installation
  • Install from May to October at grade for best results. No later than August 15th on Green Roofs
  • Plant in full to part sun locations, Sedum Turf is not appropriate for shady locations
  • If planting in areas with foot traffic it is recommended to provide a walkway
  • Avoid plant in areas that will receive significant foot traffic during the winter*

*Sedums will tolerate light and occasional foot traffic but will not tolerate any winter foot traffic.


  • After establishment: Water only occasionally in cases of drought
  • Bi-weekly hand weeding is recommended. Do not use broad leaf pesticides.

In early Spring before growth starts:

  • Mow with lawn mower set at 2” height on mulch setting
  • After mowing apply slow release fertilizer in +/- 10-10-10 range – we sell an appropriate product


  • Mow with lawn mower set at 2” height on mulch setting to keep height down and maintain the diversity of varieties.
Sedum Turf Data 

Each 53cm x 53cm or 20 ¾” x 20 ¾” (3 square foot) piece of Sedum Turf comes 95% pre-grown. The soil base has an average thickness of 1” or 2cm – 3cm and weighs 2Kg (4.5lbs) per square foot fully saturated. Sedum Turf is cut to order and is shipped with pieces stacked on a pallet, with a full pallet holding 240 square feet.

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