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If you require great looking lawn grass right away, contact the team at Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply in Calgary today. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality turf and service in the industry.

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Producing our turf in a responsible manner
We use the latest in sustainable agriculture methods in the areas of irrigation, crop rotation and the use of plough-down green manure crops.

Using only “Gold Tag” Certified seed for our Bluegrass production
“Gold Tag” is reserved only for those grass seeds which meet or exceed our stringent standards for cleanliness, purity and germination. “Gold Tag” seed has the highest level of purity from weed seed of any turf seed available.

Staying on the leading edge of turf industry research and development
We continually examine and rate various turf varieties to ensure we are using only those types which are proven performers in a variety of criteria including colour, winter hardiness and texture. We’re involved with Jacklin Seed and Prairie Turfgrass Research Centre of Olds, Alberta to test and monitor turf varieties in plots on our farm, including the development of a new salt-tolerant blend.

We currently maintain 156 Bluegrass plots, 24 alternative turf types as well as 6 test plots of our own turf blends. Our Turf Farm in Strathmore is where we cultivate our Eagle Lake Turf; however, all orders, transactions and customer care take place at our Sales Centre. We’re always actively and aggressively working to create the best sod available. It’s how we stay “a cut above”.

We employ the latest technology in all areas of our operations to ensure our practices are sustainable and environmentally responsible. All our products are cut and shipped within hours.


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