EnvironMelt® Ice Melt
for Calgary & Southern Alberta
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How to Order EnvironMelt® Ice Melt

Call us today at (403) 262-5600 or email info@eaglelakelandscape.com to discuss your project.

EnvironMelt® is one of the most environmentally friendly ice melting solutions on the market. Not only is it safe for children, pets, and vegetation, but it reduces damage to grass, trees, and shrubs as well.

The formula has been enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate) a greener alternative to road salt. EnvironMelt® is your safest bet for melting snow this winter.

Save 10% when you purchase a full pallet or, save 15% when you purchase a full load (22 pallets).

Please call 403-262-5600 or email info@eaglelakelandscape.com to order pallets.