Nova Batu Hardwood Lumber
for Calgary & Southern Alberta

Batu hardwood is a great choice for any job that requires a superior finish, natural durability and long lasting performance. Batu, also known as Red Balau, is a versatile, distinctive wood which brings elegance to any landscape project. Batu has the rich, classic look of Mahogany, but with greater consistency and lower maintenance and long-lasting durability.
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How to Order Nova Batu Hardwood Lumber

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Batu hardwood closely resembles the rich classic look of Mahogany. Heartwood from Batu or Red Balau hardwood ranges from a medium red to a deep red / brown with purple tinges and often has resin canals with white contents in concentric lines on end surfaces which produce a warm and visually striking effect. The texture is moderately fine and grain is typically interlocked.

Batu Decking (also known as Red Selangan Batu, Red Balau, Membatu, Meranti Batu and Mangaris) is known for its hardness, beauty and natural durability. Adding to the product’s appeal is the fact that it is carefully graded in order to achieve nearly blemish-free lumber with excellent colour consistency plus superior strength and natural durability.

There are hundreds of species of wood under the Shorea genus, many of which are critically endangered. Eagle Lake imports and supplies only sustainably harvested and legally verified Batu hardwood lumber.

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