Premium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass Sod
Professional-gradePremium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is a carefully selected mix of 4 top Kentucky Bluegrass varieties chosen for our Southern Alberta climate, and made up of dwarf varieties. Fine bladed with dark green colour. Adaptable to a low cutting height, wearability, quick spring green-up, hardiness and disease.
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How to order Premium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Available for pick-up or delivery.

$0.58 / Square Foot
Additional $150 fee for delivery under 2 pallets (1400 sq ft).

Premium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass Data Sheet

*Delivery to Calgary city limits. Deliveries outside these zones may incur an additional delivery fee. For more information, please call the office on (403) 262-5600.


Carefully selected mix of four top Kentucky bluegrass varieties: chosen for our Southern-Alberta climate. Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) qualified varieties ensures high drought tolerance.  Darker, Dwarfer & Denser (3-D) characteristics provide improved adaptability to a low cutting height, high wear tolerance, invasive weeds & hardiness to disease.  Our goal is to choose & blend only the top performing varieties to make the perfect lawn.

Premium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Spec Sheet

Ultra 3-D Sod Certified Darker Denser Dwarfer


Key Benefits

  • Sod Certified Quailty
  • 3-D Sod Darker Denser Dwarfer
  • High Wear Tolerance
  • Low Cutting Height
  • High Repair Potential

Sod Composition

  • 25% Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 25% Blue coat Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 25% Blueberry Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 25% Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass

Premium Dream Spec Sheet

*24 hours’ notice required for pick up orders