Investing in Safer Sports FieldsEagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply’s Lay2Play Sports Turf is a new 1.5” thick cut bluegrass sod. Using carefully selected high performing Kentucky Bluegrass varieties, this superior Sports Turf is grown in engineered sand to provide an instant and safe playing surface.

How to Order Lay2Play

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Lay2Play Data Sheet

Lay2Play Sports Turf offers a premium and immediate sports surface with vastly improved safety and performance. The combination of 100% sand based rootzone and high performing seed blends decreases surface shearing and compaction. Withstanding the abuse of cleats and heavy traffic, the improved drainage also leads to a more stable and safer sports surface.

3-D sod refers to the three D’s for Darker, Denser, and Dwarfer Sports Turf.

DENSER – Aside from the aesthetic beauty of a thick lawn the new 3-D Sod’s improved density will help compete with weeds by squeezing them out. Plus, 3-D Sod will green-up quick in the spring giving you early playability.

DARKER – 3-D Sod has been specially designed to yield a naturally darker turf, meaning less fertilizing and use of harmful chemicals.

DWARFER – Our 3-D Sod provides less vertical growth and a lower canopy height meaning less mowing and maintenance.

Roll Information:

200 (2x2x40 sq ft) sq ft per big roll

Fully netted big roll tubes

Approx. 9lbs per sq ft

Mixture composed of:

  • 21.30% Blueberry Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 21.30% Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 20.85% Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 19.85% Bluecoat Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 15.00% Arctic Perennial Ryegrass
  • 1.70% Total Inert Matter
  • 0.00% Other Crop
  • 0.00% Weed Seed


Base composition:

  • 4.00 mm, Fine Gravel, 0.0%
  • 2.00 mm, Very Fine Gravel, 0.2%
  • 1.00 mm, Very Coarse Sand, 2.7%
  • 500 µm, Coarse Sand, 12.6%
  • 250 µm, Medium Sand, 58.3%
  • 150 µm, Fine Sand, 19.3%
  • 125 µm, Fine Sand, 2.2%
  • 63 µm, Very Fine Sand, 2.3%
  • 30 µm, Silt, 0.9%
  • 2 µm, Clay, 1.4%