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How to Order Bella Turf Artificial Grass

Call us today at (403) 262-5600 or email info@eaglelakelandscape.com to discuss your project.

Bella Turf Inc. is a Canadian company, the product is versatile, durable, and extremely simple to install. Whether you are a Landscaper looking to add value to your skill-set, or a Do-It-Yourselfer who is eager to transform your yard into a lush, green paradise over the course of a weekend.

Bella Turf is keen on bringing you the very best artificial grasses that the world has to offer. With rigorous testing and inspection along with meeting all safety standard certifications, Bella Turf has created a product that is safe, warranted, and at the top of its class.


– No Mowing, No watering, No Weeding, and No Chemicals

– PetsSafe, great for poor drainage and shaded areasBella

– Ten Year Warranty

– Always Green, Easy to Install, Fun and Practical

The curb appeal will draw you in and the performance will keep you smiling. A Bella Turf installation will inevitably make life more enjoyable while increasing the resale value of your home. Invest in your family, your home and your happiness with Bella Turf Artificial Grass.


“Captivate your guests, impress your family and satisfy your pets need for green space with artificial grass on your patio or balcony”


“Bella Turf will stay clean and green all year round, say goodbye to those muddy feet prints in your clean home.”





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With endless applications, whether its back or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls. Bella Turf will continuously look lush and green.

Bella Turf is Canadian owned and operated and strives to innovate industry leading products designed specifically for our local markets. Our team spans Canada wide and we all share a mutual appreciation and respect for nature. Not only do our products look real, they look like they are meant to be here.