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Ideal if you need just one or two yards delivered to your home. You will be taken to the Big Yellow Bag site to make your selection and order.

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Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply

Veggie Blend

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per cubic yard

Additional $110 fee for bulk delivery.

*Delivery to Calgary city limits. Deliveries outside these zones may incur an additional delivery fee. For more information, please call the office on (403) 262-5600.

Veggie Blend is a balanced soil perfect for all types of vegetables. This rich mix of peat moss, Class A compost, sandy screened loam, pumice, cococoir and fir fines. It is coarse in texture and rich in organic matter and nutrients with a balanced PH. Ideal for veggie gardens and raised planter beds. Lightweight, virtually weed free blend allows faster germination and vigorous root development.