Gravel and Crush Rock
in Calgary

We offer a large selection of beautiful crush rock and gravel for Calgary’s residential and commercial landscapes. Whatever the job, we have the rock you need to get it done right. Enjoy prompt, one-on-one service and timely deliveries to keep your project on schedule.

Rundle Crush
Add depth and texture to any project. Rundle crush is a dark charcoal grey decorative rock great for interior and exterior landscape design. It’s a fairly dusty rock and may need to be sprayed down to reveal its true colour. Rundle crush is available in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm.

Complement your garden or landscaping project. Limestone is a greyish blue decorative rock used in ground cover, ponds, walkways and rock gardens. Limestone is available in 1/2” to 2”, 3/4” to 3/8” and 3/8” plus.

Road Crush
A blend of crush rock and sand. Road crush is a blend of crush rock and sand. Road crush is available in 25mm.

Stop by your Calgary gravel and crush rock headquarters today! We encourage you to read more about the wash and decorative rock we have available.