Green Roof

Green/Living Roof Solutions For Clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply is the Regional Licensed Grower for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Your project is unique; it deserves a unique green roof (or living roof). Our local experts evaluate, recommend and grow systems and plants based on the specific site conditions of your project. Green roofs are not one size fits all.

Cultivating Creativity

No two green roofs are ever the same. The team at Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply will consult with you to determine the best strategy for growing a vegetated roof system. We offer practical suggestions based on the measurements, budget and aesthetic considerations involved.

To achieve the best results, the team at Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply has partnered with the experts at LiveRoof and their patented hybrid modular green roof system. LiveRoof facilitates natural beauty with ease of maintenance. Click on the following links to learn more about enhancing the appearance your urban landscape.