How to Order NaturesTurf

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NaturesTurf Data Sheet


NaturesTurf is an ideal solution for areas which are difficult to vegetate with conventional methods and where specific or native varieties are required. Potential applications include; storm pond perimeters, dry ponds, wetlands, parks trail reclamation, areas with erosion control challenges and sensitive areas requiring native plantings only. NaturesTurf gives immediate vegetation and erosion control once installed.


  • Similar installation process to conventional sod, install over graded soil with adequate nutrients
  • Prepare a base of top soil. Wet soil before installation and apply a starter fertilizer
  • Simply roll out pieces on ground, tight together and stagger joints where possible


NaturesTurf is extremely low maintenance and does not required mowing. If the site requires mowing, please contact Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply for information. With easy handling, cutting and installation similar to conventional turf products, NaturesTurf also includes the advantage of the plant roots being within the turf allowing for easier establishment. Some watering is advised in drier months for initial establishment.

NaturesTurf offers a wide variety of vegetation options including native and adaptive grasses, sedges and forbs. The seed blends will be hand selected to meet the ascetics and functional requirements of each project. Each NaturesTurf product is custom grown to meet specific project requirements.