Native & Adaptive Seed


Your Local Seed Experts 

Since 1998 Eagle lake has been supply a broad range of products to local gardeners and landscape professionals, through the years of growing turf, native grasses and green roof plants we have gained expertise on sourcing quality seed and producing quality plant material - we've taken this knowledge and applied it to our seed supply business, weather you are looking for the latest in turf grass cultivars or you are trying to achieve a seed blend for a reclamation site - we can help! contact us today 


Native & Reclamation

We source the highest quality seed varieties native to Western Canada. Offering a wide range of seed varieties to meet your project requirements from site reclamation, habitat restoration and wetland establishment. Available in custom                          seed blends or individual seed varieties.

Adaptive Turfgrass Varieties

Offering a wide range of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass varieties and cultivars for residential landscapes, sports fields, golf courses and boulevards.

Standardised Municipal Blends

We stock many of the City of Calgary Urban restoration seed blends and can blend non-stock varieties on request. Stocking Calgary Urbans  A, B, C, D and F.

Wildflowers Forbs and Legumes

From individual varieties to stock pollinator blends – we’ve got the Native varieties to add colour and beauty to your Landscape projects.

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