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Since 2010 Eagle Lake has been the the Licensed LiveRoof Grower for Alberta, Saskatchewan. In 2015 we added Manitoba to our service area in collaboration with the great people at Vanstone Nurseries. To this day We are the only supplier of locally grown Green Roof materials in all Canadian Prairie Provinces. Our team can share their expertise and provide local advice derived from dozens of successful LiveRoof projects in our territory. We also have a Green Roof Professional on our staff (GRP)

Let us help you design, build, implement and maintain a successful Green Roof.

We live in a harsh climate and it's not easy to establish and maintain a healthy green roof, but we have a proven track record of success on the Canadian Prairies. What are the ingredients to our success?


LiveRoof is a proven product. With millions of square feet installed throughout North America and hundreds of thousands of square feet in our territory LIveRoof is a proven product. LiveRoof is a modular green roof system which is supplied to the contractor fully vegetated and provides the building owner with a fully established green roof from day one.

We are truly local. We are the only grower of green roof specific plant material on the Canadian Prairies. Our local presence means that we are here for you when you need us and we are personally invested in the success of all the green roofs we supply. 

We have hard earned expertise. Through 10+ years of plant trials at out farm, involvement with hundreds of local green roofs and our knowledgable staff - we are the local green roof experts. 

Our plants are hardier. While yes our plants are all zone hardy, they are also all outdoor grown. All of our green roof plants are field produced and are not babied in a greenhouse. Why does this matter? not only are our plants fully established with LiveRoof modules, being outdoor grown means that they will not be subject to install shock like greenhouse grown material or field grown product imported from other regions. We can supply green roofs with; Sedums, Native grasses, Wildflowers or ornamental perennials.

We are proud of the projects we have supplied, here are a few of our favourites Project Gallery

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Some of our local project highlights