Big Yellow Bag

Getting quality black garden soil, mulch and other bagged landscaping products delivered to your home has never been easier than with BigYellowBag®. All you have to do is call or order online and we deliver. That’s it! No lugging, no mess and you don’t have to be home to take delivery.

Custom Soil Blends & Growing Mediums



We have fully tested blends for:

Planting Blends

Trees and Shrubs
Interior Tropical plants and Trees
Vegetable Gardens

Green Roof Media

Large integrated planters

LID Blends for

Rain Gardens
Suspended Pavement







  • Laboratory testing forms the basis of everything we produce.
  • We purchase and stock large volumes to produce predictable and cost effective blends.
  • We focus on locally available ingredients whenever possible.
  • We can produce imported soil or provide amendments to improve existing site conditions.

Why Should Architects and Engineers Specify Soil?

  • Quality Control – Landscapers will provide the bare minimum unless otherwise specified.
  • Provide clarity in the bidding process – Contractors can provide apples for apples pricing.
  • Landscaping and infrastructure installations are expensive and generally soil is a fraction of the input costs.
  • Using untested soil is risky as it can negatively affect the health of plants and limit projects ability to meet performance expectations.
  • We have compiled test Data on dozens of soil stockpile sources in the region and have found most to be undesirable for soil blends or direct plantings due to high clay and low organics.

We create custom media blends by finding a balance of the following factors:

  • Determining what the desired performance characteristics are.
  • Sourcing predictable, readily available cost effective ingredients.
  • Verifying quality and function through extensive lab testing.




 We frequently mix custom design blends for specific projects, depending on the requirements and currently stock the following ingredients for use in our Engineered Soil blends:

  • Sandy Loam
  • Clay Loam
  • CGSA Sand
  • 3mm-5mm sand
  • Crushed Brick
  • Pumice ½” minus
  • Turface
  • Perlite
  • Douglas Fir Fines
  • Composted Fir Bark
  • Peat Moss
  • Class ‘A’  Compost
  • Composted Manure
  • ½” Coco Coir
  • Bone Meal
  • N-Rich
  • Powdered Gypsum
  • Co4
  • Worm Castings
  • Soil Activator
  • Mycorrhizae Fungi

For more information, please call us on 403-262-5600 or email




Big Yellow Bag returns

Those dropping empty bags back to Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply’s store location are eligible for a 20% discount on anything purchased within the store, including tools, sod, stone, fertilizer, seed or any bulk products but excluding Big Yellow Bags.

There is no deposit on the bag so therefore no refund for empty bags. We do not pick-up empty bags, but if you would like to recycle the bag, either drop it off at our store location in SE Calgary at 285177 Frontier Road SE or leave the bag out to be picked up the next time we deliver a bag to you.

It starts with the soil

Home Gardening has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in recent years as we have all rediscovered the joys of growing our own food and the mindful benefits of getting away from screens and getting our hands dirty.

We’ve stockpiled our soils and mulches for the season ahead at our sod farm east of Strathmore. Our well-aged compost is now double screened and used in all our blends. This is classified as the highest quality compost by the compost council of Canada so you will get the best product available. We are 100% locally owned and operated, so by shopping here you are supporting local.

If you have any questions, give us a call. We are gardeners too and are happy to offer advice and learn more.

Big Yellow Bag gives back

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply donates a portion of all bag sales from its Big Yellow Bag program each year to The Calgary Children’s Foundation each year.

As Big Yellow Bag customers, you too are making a contribution to the Calgary Children’s Foundation, with over $100,000 donate to date. Since 1992, The Calgary Children’s Foundation has raised money for small but critically important charities that help physically, mentally, financially and socially challenged children reach their full potential. Many of these charities do not have the means to fundraise for themselves or only need a small amount of money to make a big difference in a child’s life. From a pre-school that prepares neglected and abused kids for grade one to a summer camp for special needs children.

2019 Calgary Children’s Foundation Cheque Presentation

We are also proud to support the POWER (Power (Projects Organized with Energetic Retirees) Gardening group. This group of community gardeners have been growing vegetables for the Calgary Food Bank since 1999, and in 2020 harvested 23,000lbs of potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini and squash from the Get Growing Garden at our production Farm east of Strathmore into BigYellowBags for delivery to the Calgary foodbank.

Additionally, we contribute soil and materials to community gardens, school projects and growing charities each year and will continue to do so. For further info, please contact