Hire a Professional Landscaper

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality landscape supplies and offering coaching for DIY projects. Although we might have the landscaping know, our business is about supply rather than installation. For professional landscaping installation work, we turn to our professional landscaping contractor network – and we are happy to share our contacts with you!

To be referred to a professional landscaper that suits your project needs, simply fill out the form below or call our team on (403) 262-5600. Based on the information collected we will connect you to the suited local professional landscapers.

Fill out the form below to find the right professional landscaper for your project!

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Our Unbiased Professional Landscaping Contractor Referral Program

Most of our customers are professional landscapers and we are proud to support the local landscaping contractors who support us.

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply has no direct affiliation with any of the contractors referred or listed on our website, social media, or in any promotional material and does not provide any representation, warranty or guarantee in relation to the goods and services provided by such contractor.

As a third party, we match the project needs to a contractor based on the survey above. Project profiles are matched to one or more of the contractor’s profiles based on their service offerings. Therefore, Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply takes no responsibility if you are not happy with your service. However, we do value our customers feedback so you can write to us to help us improve our professional landscaping contractor referral program.