With darker mornings and cooler evening temperatures, gardening chores can sometimes get postponed until next summer, but Fall remains the optimal season for topdressing your lawn.

A lush lawn needs healthy soil and topdressing with a rich compost mix over your lawn can improve the soil and improve existing turf. Big Yellow Bag’s Alberta Gold Black Garden Soil contains the ideal blend of black peat moss and Class A compost needed to enrich existing lawns. High summer temperatures and colder winters can leach the soil of much needed nutrients. Topdressing improves lawns as organic matter breaks down and filters through existing soil to improve texture and overall health.

Peat Moss aids water retention and add nutrients which, along with the compost will add organic matter to the soil which will filter down into the root system. And being rich in nutrients as well, it will fertilize the grass at the same time.

Other benefits include, improving drainage and drought-resistance, evening out the terrain and improved water holding capacity.

How to Top Dress:

Step 1: Apply Top-Dressing Shovel out small sections (2-3 shovelfuls) of Alberta Gold Black Garden Soil onto your lawn at spaced intervals. Spread the top-dressing mix ½” or less over the existing grass using the back side of a heavy garden rake, working it into the lawn and covering low spots.

Step 2: Water and Adjust Water the area well, let the lawn settle for a day or two, then go back with your rake and smooth out any hollows or bumps.