DirtBagsDirtBags provide an immediate and long-term erosion control solution. DirtBags consist of a fully Biodegradable bag filled with Soil-less growing media and site-specific seed selection.

How to Order DirtBags

Call us today at (403) 262-5600 or email info@eaglelakelandscape.com to discuss your project.
Dirtbag Data Sheet

Installation and Maintenance

Installation is easy, efficient and requires no machinery on site. Because DirtBags are contained within the biodegradable packaging there’s no need for site cleanup. DirtBags are hand placed and after the initial installation minimal upkeep is required.

A flexible manufacturing approach allows us to accommodate a range of customer requests, such as specific seed mix, custom fertilizer and additive blends. All our products can be tailored to suit your project or site requirements. Contact us for further information.

Technical Data

DirtBags are 28cm x 51cm x 7.5cm and each bag weighs approx 4.5kg. DirtBags are shipped palatalized (100 per pallet) and have a shelf life of 3 days to preserve seed viability and ensure successful germination.



  • Steep slopes
  • Shorelines, rivers & creeks
  • Drainage courses, bio-swales
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Disturbed or eroded areas
  • Storm Water Ponds
  • Watershed management
  • Urban Landscaping Projects
  • Housing Developments
  • Golf Courses
  • Silt fencing


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