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Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply offers a variety of sand types used to aerating lawns, used for paving purposes, or even for playgrounds. Learn more about the different types of sand.

Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply offers a variety of landscaping materials, including wash sand. In Calgary landscapes, wash sand is used for a variety of projects ranging from aerating lawns to creating playgrounds. Wash sand is surface mined, screened and washed to remove any contaminants such as silt, clay and salt which can harm plants. After it is washed it is allowed to drain so that it can become light and airy. Unwashed sands are coarser and are most frequently used to provide bulk, strength and other properties to asphalt and concrete.

Wash sand is generally on the fine side and has uses in many industries including construction, landscaping and recreation, depending on how much it is washed and how fine the particles are. Some washed sand is coarser and works for masonry or concrete while finer washed sand is great for bedding materials and playgrounds. When you need sand in Calgary, contact Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply. We offer the 5mm wash sand at our Calgary location.